The Group

Elliot Farrar

Third year PhD student, funded by the EPSRC

Elliot is currently a PhD student in the Grayson Group at the University of Bath. Elliot graduated from the University of Cambridge in Natural Sciences in 2018 before joining the University of Bath later that year. Elliot’s main academic interests lie in the computational modelling and investigation of organic chemical reactions.

Piers Townsend

Second year PhD student, funded by the CSCT

Piers graduated from Bangor University in 2018 with an MChem in Chemistry.  During his degree, Piers undertook a summer internship at Liquids Research Ltd where he was involved in the synthesis and characterisation of ferromagnetic fluids. In his third year, he did a computational project under the supervision of Dr. Keith Hughes, where he studied the quantum dynamics of charge-transfer in bulk architecture heterojunction photovoltaic devices. For his Masters project, Piers explored his interest in sustainability and investigated whether plastic mixtures can be characterised using 1H NMR spectroscopy. In his spare time Piers likes playing video games, playing table tennis and exploring the philosophy of our existence.

Sam Espley

First year PhD student, funded by AstraZeneca

Sam graduated from the University of Southampton in 2020 with an MChem in Chemistry. In his final year of his undergraduate degree, Sam undertook a placement at AstraZeneca in Sweden working on synthesis prediction utilising high-throughput experimentation and AI. This also included work on automation equipment combined with nanoscale reactions. Outside of chemistry, Sam enjoys playing football mixed in with a bit of chess.

Toby Lewis-Atwell

Summer project student, MChem Chemistry

Toby is a 4th year MChem Chemistry student with an interest in computational chemistry and particularly applications of machine learning to chemical problems. When not doing chemistry Toby enjoys learning drawing and python coding.

Ivan Man

Summer project student, MChem Chemistry with Drug Discovery

Ivan started to have an interest in machine learning after doing a literature review in his final year and would like to find out more about its application in drug discovery. Ivan enjoys playing volleyball and games in his free time.

Matteo Bruschi

Summer project student, MChem Chemistry

Matteo graduated from the University of Bath in 2021 with an MChem in Chemistry for Drug Discovery. He is interested in molecular modelling and machine learning, particularly regarding its applications to drug discovery. In his spare time, Matteo enjoys cooking and mixology.

Former Group members

  • James West (2020-21, MChem project student)
  • Abin Punnoose (2019-20, MChem project student)
  • Angus Keto (2019-20, MChem project student)
  • Isabel Baddeley (2019-20, BSc Natural Sciences project student)
  • Jaffer Zaidi (2019, summer student)
  • Carrie Fielden (2019, MSc in Drug Discovery project student)
  • Monica Smith (2019, MChem project student)
  • Connor Wallis (2018-19, MSci Natural Sciences project student)
  • Connor Smieja (2018-19, MChem project student, winner of the Buchanan prize for best organic undergraduate research project)